And another game for a game jam. This time the Brakeys Game jam. The Brakeys game jam lasted for a week and had the theme: Rewind. I interpreted the theme in such a way that I could rewind a long time and so the previous game lives of that The main character Noa had to play. By then I die and click on next life I get to the next life of Noa. I support 3 different genres in my game: including an RPG, tower defense and speedrun. All graphics are self-made and programming music tracks were also homemade but most of the sound effects weren't. Have fun playing.


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if you click continue before the text is done it glitches

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The resolution of the browser window doesn't let me see everything, but maybe is just me

There's bad typing on the introduction...oh wait is what is meant to be, now i get it.

Sorry but with this resolution problem is unplayable for me

i have changed the screen size i hope you can enjoy playing now.


It's unclear where you have to go.

I ended up in the part where you have to move the tower, and that's actually cool, but there is no checkpoint, you die in one hit and the guy is really slow.
That just killed me my will to continue, sorry T.T